SOLIDWORKS Complete CAD Designer Bundle

The Complete SOLIDWORKS CAD Designer bundle includes all SOLIDWORKS CAD courses.

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When you purchase the SOLIDWORKS Ultimate CAD Designer Bundle, you will be enrolled in: Essentials, Advanced Part Modeling, Assembly Modeling, Advanced Drawings, Advanced Sheet Metal, Mold Design, Weldments Design, Advanced Surfacing, and Routing.

GoEngineer's Supported, Self-paced Training is different than other online training courses. Rather than being on your own to understand the material, our students are able to work with our US-based team of Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructors to make sure you understand the material and that you're learning the concepts you need to be successful.

Our instructor team is available Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm CST.

Students can schedule Office Hours with our team at the link below, or, you can call our team for on-demand help by using the toll-free number (866) 731-0091.

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This training bundle was created by our team of Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructors.

Courses Included with Purchase

From understanding design intent up to manufacturing drawings and multi-part assemblies, learn how to create effective designs using SOLIDWORKS CAD
Brian Childree
SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling
Learn how to create multibody parts and complex solid models using SOLIDWORKS CAD.
Tim Strange
SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling
Learn how to utilize the assembly modeling capabilities of the SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design software.
Tim Strange
SOLIDWORKS Advanced Drawings
This course will teach you how to create engineering drawings of parts and assemblies using SOLIDWORKS mechanical design software
Tony Riggs
Large Assembly Performance for SOLIDWORKS
Learn how to increase your efficiency and performance using Large Assemblies inside of SOLIDWORKS.
Ryan Cole
SOLIDWORKS Advanced Surface Modeling
Learn how to use surface modeling techniques to create complex and organic shapes using SOLIDWORKS CAD software.
John Lieber
SOLIDWORKS Advanced Sheet Metal
Learn how to build sheet metal parts and associated drawings using SOLIDWORKS CAD software.
Tim Strange
SOLIDWORKS Weldment Design
Learn how to use SOLIDWORKS Weldment features to quickly create structural designs with accurate cut lists.
Alek Cook
The Mold Design Course will teach you how to use the Mold Tools in SOLIDWORKS CAD as well as how to use surface modeling techniques to solve mold design problem
Jeff Lendermon
SOLIDWORKS Routing - Electrical
This course will teach you how to create routed electrical wiring systems inside of assemblies in SOLIDWORKS CAD
Tony Riggs
SOLIDWORKS Routing - Piping and Tubing
This course will teach you how to create routed systems for piping and tubing applications in SOLIDWORKS CAD
Tony Riggs
The SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard course will teach you how to setup and use the 2.5-axis capabilities that are available in the SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard software.
Nick Stanley

Original Price: $11,805

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the courses start and finish?
Each course starts the day you begin it's first lecture and is available for 30 days. The courses can be started and completed in any order and you can take them simultaneously if you choose. Example: Start with Essentials and complete it in 30 days. Then begin the Advanced Part Modeling course, and complete it in 30 days. Access to start courses included in the bundle ends 12 months after your purchase of the bundle. On-demand support from our team of certified instructors is also available for each course while you are enrolled.
What if I need help? How can I schedule "Office Hours" with an instructor?
We have two options for how you can get extra help from our team of Certified SOLIDWORKS instructors. You can SCHEDULE a web session with an instructor and one of our Certified Instructors will call you and walk you through any area you need extra help with. Check out the link in the course description to see how to schedule your office hours. You can also CALL our team of instructors anytime Monday-Friday 7am-7pm CST by calling toll-free, (866) 731-0091.
Will I get a certificate for completing each course?
YES! And more than that, we have quizzes built into the courses to test your understanding and make sure you're learning the material as you progress through the class.

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